Lladró Assurance Program (LAP) is a free insurance policy that allows you to cover your “Lladró” piece against breakage or damages under the following conditions:

1. If you have acquired the LAP covered piece in the store of a Lladró authorized retailer , you can purchase the piece again with a 33% discount on the Lladró recommended retail price at that moment. The same 33% discount will apply to those pieces which were already purchased using a previous LAP insurance .

2. Lighting fixtures and home fragrances are not covered by the Lladró Assurance Program.

3. If the insured piece is no longer in our catalogue or it is out of stock, you may choose or purchase, as the case may be, another piece with a price equal to or lower than that of the insured piece. We will not offset, in cash or otherwise, the difference in price between the insured piece and the piece eventually acquired when making use of the LAP if the price of the latter is lower.

4. To make use of the LAP insurance you must make the damaged piece available to Lladró. You may also be asked to provide us with an identification document for us to verify that your personal data match those of the insurance holder. In addition, the “Lladró” logotype on the base of the piece must be intact to prove that the piece is authentic.

5. The costs for collecting the damaged piece and sending the new piece will be borne by the insurance holder.


Luxury-porcelain.com     authorized retailer number 03351